Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wearable Couture

Tex Saverio Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2014 finale
Of course we all (have to) admire this super talented designer. Tex Saverio, Jakarta based designer whom proudly made his creations worn by world's super stars like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Academy Awards Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence for her role in Hunger Games sequel. Tex is totally "grown up". I cannot forget on how amazed myself by seeing his collection two years ago in Dewi Fashion Knights Jakarta Fashion Week. Titled "La Gla├žon", Tex was showing his collection like an ice queens (in a theatrical way). His collection full of with intricate details by exquisite treatments like lasercuts, lots of layering. Can you imagine he is using 300 meters of fabric to create one dress?. Tex collection's strong character visual also supported by the accessory and the make-up. He is serious with his concept, dude.

Nonetheless fascinated I am with Tex theatrical dress, I cannot keep my hands off from reality. I have question, is it possible for Indonesian women wearing one of his dress in a real form to their formal occasion?. Let's say cocktail party. Of course that would be a joke. But in fact, Tex shoots in the right target. He successfully catches the big fish. For example Lady Gaga wore his pieces in US Harper's Bazaar and her fragrance ad campaign video. Tex cleverness to shoot in the right target on who would perfectly fit his creations made me believe that this man, will shine in international market (we hope so). Then day by days my ears filled by the news of Tex collection worn by more international celebrity. This news makes me suddenly curious if he could make his reay to wear line. And so this curiousity answered. Tex Saverio finally launches his ready to wear line for Spring/Summer 2014 in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013/2014

Metallic Jewel Tone lasercut leather top
When seeing the first look, still there is a touch of his couture treatment to the pieces. His determination for collection making is shown by his exploration skill using high-tech treatment in material combination. First is leather. The lasercut treatment shaping the leather he used for the collection as the symmetrical tendril effect. Tex chooses metallic jewel tone for the leather. Blue, magenta, green and gold seemed exquisitely draws the luxury of precious stones. The leather itself for some pieces combined with another material. Take a look at see through materials as a dress or long sleeve mixed his lasercuts leather.

Metallic lasercut leather jumper black and ruffle skirt
Metallic top with basic black pants
As this Spring/Summer collection, it is the breath of gothic felt in his collection. This collection dominated by black colors. For an example in one jumper, the jewel tone Tex chose for the leather applied in a black color based item. Well, back on theory black suits everything. Tex also really made his point for his ready to wear line by showing wearable items like jumper, ruffle skirt, sleeveless turtleneck dress, and basic pants. All the looks looked perfectly fit in how he matches wearable items and another with twist in one look. 

Paula Verhoeven Finale Look
It is about the ruffle power as his collection charm. In his fantasy creations, big ruffle is the necessary parts of his dress charms. The volume which applied by another intricate details from the brocade effect or the lasercut leather made the taste of his fantasy creations kept. And now revealed in a wearable way. At last, there was Paula Verhoeven walked dramatically as the finale look in sleeveless maxi dress with big ruffle. The look completed with oversized king crown-esque headwear on her head. Well, we were seeing the theatrical DNA roars. 

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