Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Rhythm of Playful Moment

What is wrong with attention seeker? I think they have the confidence, they have the bravery or something you do not have. What would you do if you find yourself styled in highest level of boredom? Wise words said that we have to mature enough to let ourselves be childish. But yes, the childish is the point. When we are not afraid of everything, when our mind in a less boundaries. I didn't say that this is the right way to kill your boredom of styling yourself, but trust me this is could be your moment to be fearless. Have you had that before?

For many gentlemen, who prizes their dignity more than anything, printed clothes is about being sassy, making they look like a faggot or another similar non-sense opinion. In fact the key is the confidence and bravery to looked better than anyone else. Let's call it Playful step. And make your own rhythm.

Title: Heir Rhythm
Photographed by Niki Yusuf Saputra

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  1. tamma, I just realized that these all your works as fashion stylist. good job tam, i love the way you styling the model :) by the way, is he Mikael Jasin?

  2. pardon me just realized your comments here. Thank you by the way fahmy. I am still learning ning ning hahaha.. Yes, he is. At that time I thought he's match the character I want to reveal in pictures. He's really good