Sunday, November 25, 2012

Danjyo Hiyoji Spring/Summer 2013: Asymmetrically dramatic

One day before the show held to get the invitation is not discourage me to attend the show. Another our admirable local brand, Danjyo Hiyoji showed their Spring 2013 collection last night. The show held in Fairgrounds sidehall SCBD Jakarta. Smaller than I thought, but interestingly it was looked like a private show when the intimacy of the entire crowd (the brand's mutual relations) wrapped the atmosphere. Spotted the anonymous designer Adit puspoyo, the environmentalist designer auguste soesastro, nylon's r├ędactrice en chef Ein halid, and fashion editors filled the seat. They are very excited to see the collection, speaking of excited, oh me included! This is actually the 3rd sequence show of the brand. The show itself coupling the future10 and RatedA as the show's fully "supporter". 

Danjyo Hiyoji Invitation

At first, when entering the the gate and registering my seat, they gave me a futuristic engraved bangle of the show's name, wrapped by delicate canvas. Plus one for my accessory haha. Then the DJ's music is accompanied the crowd while the show getting started. There are some interesting displays to looked at. Future10's (the show's organizer) curatorial, the bar which provides you the bali hai, and photobooth. There was something to do before the show started.

Metal Bangle compliment

Engraved details

The show started with the RatedA's metamorforward fashion online competition winner strutted the runway. They are Dietha caesar, Catherine Soepadhi, Vania gunarti & Aldora gunawan and Mega saffira. Then there were an attractive projection with three models brought the viewers to the virtual explanation of the collection concept. The line's show title itself named "Asymmetry". What's more appealing, after you've seen a lot of VB's bangs if you heard the same word of the show's title? 

RatedA's metamorforward fashion online competition winner

RatedA's metamorforward fashion online competition winner

RatedA's metamorforward fashion online competition winner

Renata Kusmanto opened the first look of the collection with black stoned embellishment blazer, sheer robe, and fuschia pants. red and green derivative, monochromes, decorates the contemporary silhouette of the collection. Another appealing wearable pieces of the collection could the fabric blocking they played. Black leather combined with cottons jacket, shirt and sweater also dominate the attention. 

Renata Kusmanto: First Face

Black Stoned Embellishment Blazer Details

Green derivative asymmetric Cut shirt

Asymmetric cut tee

Printed tee

Printed Suit
Printed Suit, Shirt and Pants

Fabric Blocking Jacket

As the 'it style' for now of now - nu noir there is also all black suit, shirts, pants. Do not miss their printed tees, pants and blazer. The summer hottest piece to have. As I noticed, there is also they put metal ear-piece to the models. This is actually what I am dying to have. All the footwear collection by 707 and Pvblic Affair

New Noir: Black Suit, Shirt and Pants

Futurism Metal Ear-piece

Futurism Metal Ear-piece

Finale Danjyo Hiyoji

Finale Danjyo Hiyoji

Finale Danjyo Hiyoji

Put an end to the show, meet the brains of the collection, Syarifah Liza Mashita, Rama Dauhan, and the gank....... 

Syarifah Liza Mashita: The Designer

Rama Dauhan: The Designer

The Designer

The Designer

They got a lot of congrats shout from the audience. At last, with the dramatical statement they 'roared', it is actually the new air for our style breath.


  1. You know what? I supposed to be there, watched the show and we might bumped up into the same place and meet in person but fact says different I have a test next day, right after the show. But lucky you to came and giving a review.

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